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HUR’s equipment is pneumatic; it runs entirely on air pressure. This means that there is no use of traditional ‘free-weights’ when exercising. Rather, the machines are connected to an air compressor that powers your entire gym. This comes with a number of advantages not seen in regular gyms.


The machines allow for small incremental increases of weight of 100g allowing for smoother and easier progress to be made. A common issue encountered by gym-goers is that they find jumps in weight to be too large. Sometimes the minimum resistance that can be added is simply too much (often 2.5-5kg). However, by allowing such small increments it ensures an easier path to greater strength.

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With HUR’s natural transmission, resistance strength curves match the body’s natural force curves. The machines always delivers optimal resistance, with resistance naturally mimicking the natural function of the muscles. The exercise performed is always done so at maximum efficiency. For traditional weights, the stress on the muscles is chaotic and peaks early in the movement (causing unnecessary stress to joints). With HUR, the experience is far different, decreasing the chance of muscle sore and injuries. Likewise the risk of accidents is remarkably low.


No weights clunking together makes for a more enjoyable experience. Noise pollution is at a minimum.



HUR is connected via the smart-touch system. It tracks all your activities, meaning you can witness your progress in numbers. Once you join a HUR powered centre, you immediately develop your own account and profile, which will give you a comprehensive breakdown of your current physical shape. It operates a cloud based system; together, HUR gyms form a community so persons can access their programmes and data from any connected gym. There is no need to make a mental note or actual scribbling down of your achievements onto your phone or notepad. HUR provides you with a state of the art tracking system. It remembers all of your progress and suggests next steps for your exercise.


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These are ready to use, templates, questionnaires and training programmes that are integrated into the SmartTouch software which save time for professionals by erasing mundane tasks. This automated solution enables group instruction saving time and improving profitability per client.

FALLS PREVENTION Includes learning about falls and a method for preventing falls.

HYPERTENSION Designed to use strength as a therapeutic modality in treatment of elevated blood pressure.

TYPE 2 DIABETES The HUR type 2 diabetes concept is designed to use strength training as a therapeutic modality in treatment.

CARDIAC REHABILITATION Helps the professionals to provide the best practice of exercise as medicine based on the latest international treatment guidelines.

HIP & KNEE REHABILITATION The effectiveness of exercise in hip and knee disorders improve muscle function, preventing abnormal movement and restoring normal biomechanics of hip and knee.



HUR is ideal for hospitals and senior centres. Incremental weights of just 100g allow for the most fragile of patients and clients to exercise, and continue their progress through small, gradual increments.

Natural transmission allows for minimal stress on joints when performing an exercise. Optimal resistance is guaranteed, meaning only the targetted muscles are worked for each individual exercise, minimising the risk of injuries and accidents that are commonplace with traditional equipment. No noise is made whilst exercising providing a tranquil environment to work out.

The SmartTouch system enables staff to monitor each person’s progress and individualise programmes for their needs. This is aided by the presence of readily available medical concepts on the system software allowing staff to offer and organise recommended exercises and training regimens to their patients with ease. Additionally the Easy Access line, meticulously designed for people unable to use the traditional HUR products, brings the possibility for persons in wheelchairs to exercise efficiently and to their needs.



HUR is designed for everyone. This naturally means it has a place within community gyms, offices, and clubs as it allows for entire families to exercise safely.

The HUR SmartTouch system creates an efficient environment where independent people can obtain individualised programmes without the presence of trainers and physiotherapists. Each machine is linked to a cloud based system, meaning that you can access your profile and accompanying training programme from every gym within the HUR network. By scanning your individual RFID card when accessing the machine, it will track the exercise you are performing. This feature is optimal for organisations operating several gyms, such as gym and hotel chains, along with community clubs.

The lack of noise created by the machines makes it an attractive option for offices who lack large spaces and where noise pollution is not suitable. This also applies for some clubs and condominiums.


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The characteristics of a HUR gym makes it suitable for schools and activity centres. Much like in seniors, children’s bodies are fragile, meaning that improving strength through small increments is a necessity. Natural transmission reduces the risk of injuries and accidents. Stunting physical development is less of a concern with HUR products for this reason.

The dangerous nature of gyms is a problem. Sometimes unpredictable and mischievous, kids are more susceptible to the hazards they present. The pneumatic nature of HUR machines means that this issue is largely circumvented as it provides a safe environment for exercise.

Tracking progress is key as children have difficulty creating and monitoring their own training programmes. Through HUR SmartTouch tracking, teachers can ensure that they aren’t endangering their bodies through performing the wrong exercises. The Cybercyle further provides an innovative way to exercise that is naturally alluring to kids given its combination of physical exercise with gaming, encouraging those kids disinterested in physical activity to give it a shot.