home gym equipment Singapore


When planning a new gym or updating an existing facility, the HUR layout service helps to visualise ideas and ensure the functionality, accessibility and comfort in advance. Realistic 2D/3D images not only help in planning but also provide tools for marketing and promoting your services.




HUR Solutions offers training and education related to the equipment, along with the SmartTouch and  SmartCard system. We also offer courses that provide instructions on how to train elderly based on tried and tested Scandinavian concepts. Please contact us for more information.



Regular maintenance extends the life cycle of HUR equipment. The simple measures do not take up much time, but are essential over the long-term. As with any type of mechanical device, proactive maintenance prevents expensive repair needs in the future. HUR Solutions takes care of the service of exercise equipment and accessories with professional skill garnered through 20 years of experience. HUR service is very quick and flexible and service is offered in all areas of Singapore with local teams. The annual service agreement expands the lifetime of the equipment and is a cost-effective solution for service and maintenance.

Advantages of service agreement:

    Fixed package price
    Discounts on spare parts
    Preventing need of repairs
    Condition monitoring
    Regular service ensures good condition of equipment




HUR products warranty period is as follows: Ten (10) years for the frame, three (3) years for the other parts excluding the electronic components and padding, and one (1) year for electronic components (these time periods are referred to when talking about the warranty period). The warranty period begins to run from when the buyer has purchased and received the product, as well as approved the installation of the product by signing the warranty activation sheet and the warranty activation form has been returned to HUR. In-warranty repairs made during the warranty period do not extend the period. HUR’s warranty obligation covers only those defects and errors that occur and are reported to HUR during the warranty period.