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Ms Lena Karjaluoto

Ms. Lena Karjaluoto, iMBA, is the Executive Vice President at company HUR in Finland and has many years of experience in the healthcare technology field. HUR has more than 12 000 installations in rehab clinics and senior- and nursing homes all over the world. The HUR air resistance exercise equipment is manufactured in Finland and distributed in over 50 countries through an international network of distributors. Biggest export countries are USA and Japan although their presence in the Asian countries are growing constantly, particularly Singapore and China. Developed as the result of a research project at the University of Technology, Helsinki in 1989, the company has maintained close ties with the research community ever since. The latest findings are incorporated into both products and software - to be able to offer the best solutions possible for preventive, rehabilitative and maintaining training. Ms. Karjaluoto has been actively part of the research team at WELMED LABs, Health Science Unit, Kokkola University Consortium Chydenius, Finland. She has also been a part of the research team at company HUR lead by Professor Arto Hautala with 30 years of experience in cardiometabolic diseases. As a result of the work of this later research team, the HUR Medical Concepts for Cardiometabolic diseases including DiabetesT2, Falls Prevention and Hip and Knee were born. The overseeing close to 12,000 installations worldwide in the Rehab and Geriatric field, has provided Ms. Karjaluoto with a unique insight in both the Science of Geriatric Exercise and Successful Practical Implementations, both for the Individual Person, the Senior Centre as well as policy implementations for the Society as a whole.