1. Select desired exercise. If the machine is dual function, select the exercise, e.g., Leg Extension or Leg Curl by swiping.

  2. Press the blue icon to adjust the seat height and back support to maintain correct posture. Use the touchscreen to adjust seat, back support or lever arms.

  3. Set the load by clicking + (plus) or – (minus) button.

  4. Start training.


  1. Show the personal ID to the reader on the first machine and follow the on-screen guidance.

  2. Select desired exercise. If the machine is dual function, select the exercise, e.g., Leg Extension or Leg Curl by swiping.

  3. Seat and back support adjustments are set automatically according to your personal settings.

  4. After a few seconds the load will be set automatically, and the target repetitions will be displayed. These can be seen on the screen during exercise.

  5. Start training.

  6. Alarm will sound when the preset number of repetitions has been completed.

  7. Move to the next machine/ exercise.

    All exercise information during your visit will be saved automatically.


Some HUR equipment is equipped with a safety belt, which helps the user to stay in the device during exercising. Fasten the safety belt by pressing the belt buckles against each other until you hear a clicking sound. Tighten the belt by pulling the free end of the belt. Open the safety belt by pressing the quick release on both sides.

WARNING! Be careful not to leave skin in between the quick release mechanism. To avoid injury, only push the quick release ends and use caution when attaching the safety belt.


With range limiters the scope of the movement is limited in situations when the user is for one reason or another unable to utilise the entire range of motion enabled by the device. Turn the handle clockwise to tighten and counter-clockwise to release the range limiter. By pressing the red button on the handle, the handle can be rotated freely, e.g., if the handles are close to each other and prevent each other’s movement.

NOTE! The range limiters are intended for limiting the range of motion of the device, not for compensating users’ height.

WARNING! Do not use any tools to tighten or release the range limiter so that it does not get too tight and cause adjustment problems for the next user. A manually performed and reasonable tightening is enough to keep the range limiter at the desired point.

CAUTION! Do not adjust the range limiter before the workload is set to zero (0)!


Certain devices have electrically adjustable parts (for example seat, lever arm or back rest). Manually the adjustments are made by pressing adjustment buttons on the touch screen, but when training with a RFID tag and having personalised training program, the adjustments are made automatically according to an earlier visit.

WARNING! After accepting an exercise on electrically adjusted device, the adjustments are made automatically based on user ID logged on the machine. • Never log on a machine with someone elses ID • Be aware of adjustment mechanism and do not touch moving parts to avoid sticking anything in the mechanism


For raising the seat, pull the seat upwards. For lowering the seat, lift the front end of the seat and move seat to desired height.

WARNING! Be careful not to leave your fingers between the seat adjustment mechanism and the frame. To avoid injury, only grab the padded section of the seat when adjusting the seat height

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