HUR is connected via the smart-touch system. It tracks all your activities, meaning you can witness your progress in numbers. Once you join a HUR powered centre, you immediately develop your own account and profile, which will give you a comprehensive breakdown of your current physical shape. It operates a cloud based system; together, HUR gyms form a community so persons can access their programmes and data from any connected gym. There is no need to make a mental note or actual scribbling down of your achievements onto your phone or notepad. HUR provides you with a state of the art tracking system. It remembers all of your progress and suggests next steps for your exercise.



Equipment with air pressure technology and touch screen – with all the world-leading features of HUR equipment – from close to zero starting load to automatic resistance increase, 100g/1/4lb. increments and automatic machine set-up 

State of the art, modern, web-based operating software for clinic and centre operation 

RFID(13.56M) customer identification – activate training with a single touch 

Operation whenever and wherever (cloud-based solution) 

Supports multi-clinic and centre organizations 

Start training at the first machine, no need to log in 

Electrically adjustable lever arms and seat 

The customer’s personal online profile visualizes progress, the training program and provides a messaging feature between the user and instructor 

Automated reporting of client progress, facility status, equipment usage etc.

Cloud-based or local installation 


Watch this short video and learn the basics that make HUR SmartTouch special.