This is a wonderful opportunity to explore exergaming concepts and get an in-depth understanding of how to use the CyberCycle and Senso in the most effective way possible. The event will allow attendees to test out the equipment for themselves under the guidance of our experts; along with the new Hi-5 strength line. Registration is also entirely free.

What is Exergaming?


28th of August 2019

HoviCare Senior Activity Center

100 Turf Club Road Horsecity, #01-02K

Singapore 287992


We will be joined by Joris Van Het Reve from Dividat, and Megan Conway from CyberCycle, live from Holland and the United States. The sessions will be designed to be interactive, allowing attendees to ask questions at the end of their respective presentations. Following the presentations you will be able to try out the Senso and CyberCycle whilst being catered to with refreshments and snacks.

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Joris Van Het Reve
Founder and CEO of Dividat, will speak about the Senso and how to improve your physical and cognitive health through engaging and playful games.

Read more about the Senso


Megan Conway
Global Account Manager at CyberCycle will speak about the benefits of Cybercycling and how it delays the progression of mild cognitive disorders.

Read more about the CyberCycle



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For those taking MRT, the nearest stop is Sixth Avenue. Walking from the station takes roughly 4 minutes, as shown on the map below.

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For those taking car there is parking available near the Pegasus Club shown below.

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