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Dr Tuire Karaharju-Huisman

Tuire graduated as a physiotherapist in Finland. After years of clinical work in Finland, she relocated to Sweden where she went on to conduct Biomechanical Research in Children with Neurological Defects. A move to Melbourne followed, where her research shifted towards Falls Prevention in Seniors with her Doctoral Dissertation focusing on the risk of slipping during level walking. In Australia, Tuire also gained her Accreditation as an Exercise Physiologist. After 11 years as an academic lecturer she returned to clinical work by joining HUR Australia in 2015. In her role, she designs optimal exercise concepts, and educates both staff and users of HUR gyms in the community as well as aged care.  Tuire currently lives in Melbourne and is the primary account manager for Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania and Western Australia.   

At Active8 she will present on the topics 'From Research to Clinical Practice, The Australian Experience', along with ‘Balance and Falls Prevention Testing in Practice’.