The Bike is designed for Riders up to 400 lbs (181 kg).

The Bike is designed for adults from 4’10” – 6’4” (147 – 193 cm).

Power requirement  100-240V 50/60HZ   3A

Usage class SC


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1) Get seated and comfortable.

2) Adjust your seating position by lifting the yellow adjustment bar located under the seat. When the pedal is at its furthest, your heels should touch the pedal and your knees should be slightly bent.

3) Press QUICKSTART and select a game or challenge.

4) Steer with the use of the handle bars; cycle with the pedals.

5) Shift gear by pressing the red buttons at the end of the handlebars with your thumbs to adjust resistance

NOTE: Default gear is 8. Lightest 1 Highest 20.


The control panel can be found in the front of your CyberCycle near the base of the frame. This is where you will connect your power cord and internet cable if you have chosen to hard wire your bike.

The main power switch and reset button are also located on the control panel as well as a USB port. After setting up your bike initially you should rarely need to access the control panel.

control panel.png


The Aux panel is conveniently located at the base of your touchscreen on the right hand side. Here you will find your headphone jack for working out with audio and a USB port for phone charging.

Aux panel.png


Your CyberCycle comes with dual water bottle holders because hydration is key! Studies have shown that surprisingly low fluid losses can significantly affect your ability to ride. Riders should aim to take 2-3 good sized gulps from your bottles every 10-15 minutes.



The oversized phone tray is designed to support large devices in both the vertical and horizontal position. The tray is angled for optimal access while riding.



Your CyberCycle pedals are counterbalanced making it easy to get in. Non slip ridges and heel cups keep feet from slipping out. Your CyberCycle also comes with optional pedal straps for extra support.



Do not adjust the seat while seated. To adjust the seat, pull up on the adjustment bar below the seat cushion and move the seat forward and backward on the seat slider. Once the seat is adjusted and the rider sits down the knees should be extended but not locked at any point during the pedal stroke.



Your CyberCycle comes with a 26.5 inch high definition touchscreen display. The glossy finish provides the best possible image quality. Roads, games, and videos playback in full 1080p so you can completely immerse yourself in your workout.


In most cases, you will need nothing more than a small dry microfiber towel to clean your screen. Rub gently on any fingerprints or smudges to remove them. If fingerprints persist, use pre-moistened screen cleaning wipes to finish the job. Do not spray liquid on your screen or use rough materials to wipe your screen.



The state of the art handlebars on your CyberCycle turn left and right driving your experience on screen and making each ride unique. Pull the right handlebar up to turn left and press down to turn right and vice versa for the left handlebar. Heart rate sensors are conveniently placed for your hands while riding. Press the red buttons with your thumbs to shift gears and control your resistance.



Your CyberCycle comes with a variety of interactive workout options that are constantly evolving. Visit for the latest news, challenges, and programming info.

Still experiencing issues or have other concerns? Contact us via our issue submission page by clicking on the button below.