The Benefits of Pneumatic Strength Training

Pneumatic Strength Training


HUR’s equipment is pneumatic; it runs entirely on air resistance. This means that there is no use of traditional ‘free-weights’ when exercising. Rather, the machines are connected to an air compressor that powers your entire gym. This comes with a number of advantages not seen in regular gyms. 

No Inertia

Limiting inertia means that users won’t swing backwards or forwards while moving through an exercise. This allows the user to move smoothly through an exercise, without joint strain or jerky movements that can cause pain or injury. The motion in pneumatic machines is the closest we can get to true isotonic exercise. Isotonic exercise is when a muscle is contracting against a constant load– a task that’s impossible to do with will power and muscle control alone. Pneumatic machines control the movement and the resistance for the user, making isotonic exercise possible. Moving a stack of weights might appear to accomplish the same thing, but inertia, acceleration, and friction can cause the amount of force on the body to change throughout the movement. On many machines, if you push the weight quickly through the first half of the move, momentum will cause the weights to become much lighter during the second half of the motion. With pneumatic equipment, the resistance stays the same – no matter how quickly you move through an exercise. Not only does the advantage of limiting inertia reduce injury and strain, it makes every movement more effective because the user is never able to build up momentum and lift dead weight.

Incremental Weights

The pneumatic machines allow for small incremental increases of weight of 100g allowing for smoother and easier progress to be made. A common issue encountered by gym-goers is that they find jumps in weight to be too large. Sometimes the minimum resistance that can be added is simply too much (often 2.5-5kg). However, by allowing such small increments it ensures an easier path to greater strength.

Safe workouts for any age and ability

With HUR’s natural transmission, resistance strength curves match the body’s natural force curves. The machines always delivers optimal resistance, with resistance naturally mimicking the natural function of the muscles. The exercise performed is always done so at maximum efficiency. For traditional weights, the stress on the muscles is chaotic and peaks early in the movement (causing unnecessary stress to joints). With HUR, the experience is far different, decreasing the chance of muscle sore and injuries. Likewise the risk of accidents is remarkably low.


No weights clunking together makes for a more enjoyable experience. Noise pollution is at a minimum. 


Carl Richard