The Most Effective Exercise Involves the Body and Brain

Dr John Ratey, a professor at - Cambridge, Massachussets, - has studied the brain for over 40 years. He sat down with Quartzy Magazine to discuss the effects of exercise on the brain.

Dr Ratey interest in the brain stems from a research project he studied in the 1970s. A hospital in Norway had a policy whereby persons suffering with depression were able to either take anti-depressants or participate in an exercise program three times a week. Both groups improved at the same rate. He then followed closely cases that concerned ADD and exercise, particularly a quite remarkable story of a Boston Marathon runner who developed these symptoms after having to retire from running due to multiple injuries. Dr Ratey is now one of the most prominent authorities on the exercise-brain link with a number of bestsellers including the ADD-ADHD Driven to Distraction series.

He told Quartzy “It is simply incredible how powerful it is for the brain. Forget about its effect on blood pressure, sugar loads, weight, buffing you up, all that. That’s a given. But the effect on your brain is amazing.” He went on to discuss the tremendous success professionals have found treating dementia patients with exercise programs. The best exercise was described as one that will ‘get your heart rate up’ but also ‘force you to use your brain’. According to his estimations, one of the best exercises you can do, is dance. This will raise your heart rate but also enable you to use your brain, by analyzing changes in the rhythm, memorizing steps, etc.

Dr Ratey’s research falls in line with what HUR Solutions is attempting to do in Singapore. The Senso and CyberCycle are innovations that directly seek to promote exercises that use the brain and body concurrently. Go check out these innovations through the links below.

Filip Alexander