How We Use Exergaming To Tackle Dementia


Dementia is an issue we are all susceptible to as we grow older and our brains cognitive functioning begins to decay. Our memory and thinking skills will begin to progressively decline, sometimes to a stage severe enough that it prohibits the completion of everyday activities such as making breakfast, buying groceries or cleaning the house. In some cases, dementia is fairly inevitable, however studies show that often there is a chance to reduce its risk.

At HUR we have an ideology that is centred around exercise and wellness in order to tackle dementia. We aim to keep your mind and body active in hopes to help you maintain a young, sharp and healthy brain.


What We Do

Primarily we of course highly encourage regular exercise and strength training as it has been seen to have great results on a persons general brain health.

Recently however, we are beginning to utilise something known as exergaming as one of the ways to try and control the risk of dementia. This is a fairly new concept which involves the idea of dual tasking as we combine exercise and interactive gaming. Studies are showing that exergaming has actually shown to delay the onset of Alzheimer’s and dementia better than traditional exercise.

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Exergaming on Brain Health


Various studies

  1. “Dual-tasking, performing a cognitive and motor task at the same time, improved cognition better than physical exercise alone.”

    - Eggenberger. 2015.

  2. “Findings indicate that step training reduce falls in older adults by approximately 50%.” - Okubu, Schoene, & Lord 2016.

  3. “Combined cognitive and motor training improves gait stability and reduces fall rate by 80%.” - van Het Reve, De Bruin 2014.

  4. A 2017 study found that dual-tasking can help people with mild cognitive impairment or early stage dementia. This particular study found that dual tasking improved the ability to do activities of daily living, improved mood and reduced depression.

Currently we are focusing on the use of the CyberCycle and the HUR Senso balance platforms to promote the use of exergaming.


The CyberCycle is a recumbent bike that allows riders to exercise with various games and challenges. CyberCycle riders immerse themselves in stunning interactive roads, from snowy mountains to the seaside shores. Riding the CyberCycle is just like riding outside, minus the helmet and the traffic! It keeps riders feeling sharp, young and independent. Plus it is a ton of fun!


HUR Senso

HUR Senso is a dual-tasking fall reduction and cognitive training platform designed to support independent living. The think and move integrated, fun and easy to use equipment simultaneously improves physical and cognitive function through interactive motor training activities and gaming.  The platform sensors dynamically capture all of the vital data with easy to understand results that ensure improved cognitive and activity levels for all users.

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