E-Sports and Gaming with the Silver Snipers

The Silver Snipers are the first professional senior Counter-Strike Go team in the world, boasting an average age of 67-years old. Coached by a former professional CS-GO champion Tony Ingemarsson, they are currently embarking on a world tour despite - prior to this project - never having played the game before. Nonetheless, they chose to embark on this journey. One of their members, Monica Idenfors 62, commented that she saw this as an “exciting opportunity” and a good way to spend her free time now that she was retired.

The project’s goal is to show that gaming is not exclusively an area of interest for teenagers and younger adults, but rather that it has a far larger audience than one would assume. The members quickly grew quite passionate about their newfound hobby, picking up quirky nicknames for their online personas including the “KnittingKnight” and “Teen Slayer”. Lenovo, the main sponsor for the team, has reported a surge of interest in seniors wishing to join their ranks.

The players have stated that the reception from the gaming community has been extremely warm and inviting, with the team already garnering a substantial following on social media. Ms Idenfors further explained of the positive impact this experience has had on her life, describing it as one which reduces anxiety stating that “I have days when i’m frustrated or anxious, but when I’m gaming it helps.”

There is little doubt that gaming does have a place in the senior demographic. Senior centres around the world have incorporated gaming into their health regime, utilising new technology such as balance platforms and CyberCycles to combine exercise with gaming. Research shows that there are clear cognitive benefits when elders dual-task. This information has been widely reported by respected outlets including Medscape Medical News and the Wall Street Journal.

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Filip Alexander