HUR SmartTouch Technology into Focus

When learning about HUR the term SmartTouch often comes up in discussion as a major feature of most of their products. But what really is HUR SmartTouch? This article will attempt to provide some clarity as to its main features and benefits.

HUR SmartTouch is the computerised intelligent combination of physical exercise with technology. HUR’s pneumatic strength training line is equipped with a state of the art operating software which allows for tracking and monitoring of progress, stored and readily available on our cloud based system.

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Cloud Based System

All HUR equipment operate within a cloud based software that links all HUR centres into one system, allowing you to workout wherever and whenever. The software automatically records and updates your individual profile with the amount of repetitions performed and the resistance levels used for each exercise, in addition to the seat adjustment preferred for each machine. One of the many features of HUR SmartTouch is the automatic gradual increase in resistance which occurs when the machine recognises you are over-performing at your current resistance - making sure you’re always getting stronger! The automatic increment can be set manually by trainers directly from the software to each individual client’s profile, ranging from 100g to 1kg of increased resistance.

(Check out the HUR SmartTouch video below for a closer look at how this works)


Performance recording has never been easier as HUR provides you with a comprehensive tracking system. With RFID technology, all you need is a card or wristband provided by HUR, and you can workout at any HUR centre while having all your activities performed being tracked and recorded. Once you join a HUR powered centre, you immediately develop your own account and profile. This profile will have all your workout data and statistics, providing you a thorough breakdown of your physical shape, digitally illustrating your development using numbers, graphs and charts. With HUR SmartTouch, there is no need to make a mental note or actual scribbling down of your achievements onto your phone or notepad. It remembers all of your progress and suggests next steps for your exercise.

In addition, the software provides ready made training programmes, setting up the amount of repetitions and sets you should do; you can easily customise your own personal training program online.


Our equipment incorporates air pressure and touch screen technology, enabling you to easily adjust the equipment set up, as well as the resistance used. Compressed air as resistance is becoming increasingly popular as studies continue to prove its vast benefits. When comparing to iron stacks of weight, compressed air as resistance is far more practical and effective. For instance, it allows our machines to implement small and controlled increments of 100g in resistance, vital for more fragile clients. Weight stacks, however, usually involve a weight increase of around 2kg, making progress difficult. Other advantages include the absence of inertia during the exercise as opposed to weight stacks, meaning that the user is constantly working the muscle involved during the exercise. This allows for a stable and smooth motion throughout the exercise, reducing the risk for joint strain, injury and/or sharp pain. More benefits include speed, safety and appropriateness for all types of users (e.g. elderly, kids).

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HUR SmartTouch at a glance.


  1. Begin your workout with the use of an RFID customer identification card provided by the center, allowing you to activate training with a single touch.

  2. The equipment then performs an automatic personalised set up, programming in your desired resistance and seat adjustments from the previous workout.

  3. Begin working out!

Easily check your centers attendance as well as client performance

Easily check your centers attendance as well as client performance

Track your progress from your tablets

Track your progress from your tablets


  • Supports multi-clinics and centre organizations

  • Start training at the first machine, no need to log in

  • Electrically adjustable lever arms and seat

  • The customer’s personal online profile visualizes progress, the training program and provides a messaging feature between the user and instructor

  • Automated reporting of client progress, facility status, equipment usage etc.

  • Cloud-based or local installation

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